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Controllers not tracking in Quest build.

Hey,We have recently started a new Quest project using Unity 2022.3.1 and Oculus Integration 54.1, but the controllers aren't tracking in builds. They track perfectly fine in the OS menus and in other apps both previously made by us and not, but in a...

Resolved! Unity game frequenly launches to black screen

Hi, I am experiencing an intermittent problem with an Oculus Quest game that I am developing. When I encounter this problem, I am unable to do any development in the editor. I am using Oculus Link to quickly iterate. Essentially, when I launch the ga...

Unity 2017.4 LTS and Quest 2 Compatibility

Hi everyone, We have a Unity project built in Unity 2017.4 LTS. We released a Go and Rift version in the last 12 months. However, we now wish to create a Quest / Quest 2 port of the game. When looking at the current minimum specs ( found here: https:...

Oculus home button - controllers spawn on face

I'm developing a VR app for Oculus Quest, and I'm noticing strange behavior when hitting the Oculus home button on the right controller. The app slows down significantly, it almost seems like a second camera is created, and both controller models spa...

CNevan by Protege
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Tracking Mode Floor

Hi, I have a question about the Tracking Mode. If I use Floor and try to recenter in the Oculus Home Menu, my Characater's Y Position changed to a different one. I thought Tracking mode Floor is always the correct height above the floor or am I wrong...

Deadlocks on GPU - Unity Game on Quest

Recently, we have been encountering significant problems that we are struggling to resolve.Elven Assassin on Oculus Quest 1/2 stops rendering new frames during gameplay and after some time it throws players to Oculus Home. From our research, it seems...

Wenkly by Honored Guest
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How to get Hand Joint Location from Hand tracking

Please point me into the right direction. Looking into the OVRPlugin code I can not find a way to get Hand Joint Location, seems like Oculus doesn't provide us with that data...is it correct? I can see that there is a root pose in OVRPlugin.HandState...

Real-world movement does not work in Quest 1.

Hello!I have created a standalone VR app for Quest 2 using Unity. All is good. It works in Quest 1, I am told. I have never used a Quest 1. Here's the question, in Quest 2 I can walk around in the real world and this movement correlates to VR movemen...

Create a link button

I am trying to create in game buttons that will open up a page to my other games in the oculus store. I am building in unity for the Quest 2. Does anyone know how to do this?

repositories.cfg could not be loaded - Warning

Greetings y'all!Simple but annoying issue I have after configuring my Unity project for Quest dev.I'm getting this constant yellow warning at the bottom of the editor that says "File (...)\.android\repositories.cfg could not be loaded." I'm way too n...

Xainath by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Version Number

Hi, I'm having an issue with android version not updating. I'm developing an apk with Unity3D for the Quest and Quest 2. The first submission on AppLab came back with some feedback which I've addressed, and I tried to upload a new build for submissio...

Quest 2 controllers don't render anymore

I've updated Oculus Integration to version 25.0 and SteamVR to version 2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15). Now everytime I use the [CameraRig] and OVRCameraRig prefabs, the controllers won't show up, neither map the corresponding inputs. Also, I think there was a r...

VitoSSC by Honored Guest
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