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XR Interaction Toolkit Locomotion Up and Down

Hello, I am trying to implement a 3D Movement (Forward/Backward, Turn left/right, Up/Down)with XR Interaction Toolkit. For Forward and Backward and Turning around, it works easy with XRI Default Input Actions. But the Up/Down Movement doesn't work. D...

Issues with the APK during validation

I'm having problems with my app's Manifest, I want to publish it on the ALPHA channel, but when building I get errors, even using "Create store-compatible AndroidManifest.xml"I tried to debug, I added: |android:exported="true"| and |android:installLo...


Resolved! Oculus Link crashes after playing PC(.exe) build game

Oculus Link crashes after playing PC(.exe) build game. I develop a game of VR(Oculus Quest 2) using Unity. I build APK file and can play it with an actual machine, but a bug occurs when I build for PCs(.exe file) and play with an actual machine using...

kuryu92 by Explorer
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Unity Desktop: uDesktopDuplication + Oculus Quest 2

As you can see in the video I have to get quite close to the Screens to be able to read the text. I don't know what causes this flickering but when I get back to the normal distance then all the text gets constantly cut into parts. I don't know a bet...

Masec by Honored Guest
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Local Avatar showing wrong controller

Hey, I'm using the Local Avatar component in my project (for Quest 2), and when I check "start with controllers" it shows the black ones (Rift I believe) instead of the Quest 2 controllers. I can't seem to find any way to change them, the Quest 2 con...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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