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Resolved! Check if an object is grabbed

Hello guys. I can't find a way to check if an object is grabbed or not, a boolean that is true if it is grabbed and false if it is not. The attached image is the components that the object that I want that variable to have. I'm using Oculus sdk Integ...


OpenXR and Meta XR SDK at the same time

When I install OpenXR Plugin alongside Meta XR All-in-One SDK I get this warning in Project Validation to use Oculus XR Plug-in instead of OpenXR.What is the recommended/correct approach to achieve cross-platform compatibility with OpenXR while using...


Resolved! v56 Firmware = Garbled Mic Audio

App records microphone input and sends it to a Speech To Text service.On the v55 Firmware this works fine with no issues.On headsets with the v56 Firmware, the microphone now provides nothing but garbled input (rushed and chopped up).I'm using the OV...

How to fix flickering hands?

Hello fellow VRers,I started a new project with the Oculus Interaction SDK in Unity. Haven't really done much yet. Any ideas why my hands are flickering?Here's the video and reddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity_XR_Developers/comments/11z...

Feature Request: Hand tracking on desktop

When using the Unity editor, we have access to the Quest Hand Tracking. However, when the exe is built it no longer works.I assume this is because windows is using a rift-style API, but the Oculus team have added special hand tracking support for the...