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Resolved! About Meta XR Simulator not showing up

Hello everyone, has anyone tried Meta XR Simulator successfully?I am a unity beginner. Everything I did was according to the official documentation, and although the program does not report errors, it also does not give me the interface presented in ...

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tanfox404 by Honored Guest
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Change AndroidManifest.xml for AppLab submission.

I'm trying to get my app to be submitted into the AppLab, but I'm running into issues where no matter what I try, I always get those permissions active in my build:android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEandroid.permission.READ_MEDIA_AUDIOandroid.per...

AISDev by Honored Guest
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New Oculus Quest tutorial in Unity? (2024/23)

Hello.I am working on a new project for my thesis in VR using Unity (version 2022.3.13f1).It's been 1 year since I have not worked on XR. I am finding it difficult to catch up with tutorials that are now too old for the development of new application...

Resolved! Menu Canvas Not Responsive

DetailsUnity Version: Set-Up: Meta Integration: Meta XR All-in-One SDKUsing Oculus Quest 2Hello!I am not new to VR development but I am for some reason struggling to build this new app I am currently working on. I have three issues.1. I am trying to ...

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Unable to give permission for All files access

I am currently working on an application that uses a specific document on the users device to transfer information and records between itself and different simmilar applications made by my team (imagine Game A storing its highscores in a shared docum...

dextro007 by Honored Guest
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Link to specific (Horizon) World from Meta app

Hello everyone! I'm building a meditation app in VR for a client of mine. Right now he wants the player to be completely solo within our app (that's easy!) but also have access to a 'community room' in Meta Horizon Worlds where they can meet other pe...

Resolved! Meta XR Simulator starts only once

Hi, I have a problem with the Meta XR Simulator v60 in Unity 2023.2.7f1 and Meta SDK v60.When i start a Synthetic Environment Server, set the simulator to active and start the game, everything works as intended. But only exactly once!Afterwards i get...

Additional Tongue Tracking BlendShapes

There are currently seven BlendShapes for tongue tracking which primarily only allow for inwards/outwards positioning.https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/move-face-tracking/#face-blendshapes Some further implementation allowing for simpl...

Nhex by Honored Guest
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Passthrough lag in Unity

We are experiencing a lot of lag in the passthrough image in an PC aplication using the cable link conection. The virtual environment if in a good fps, but the passthrough is in a low fps and with a delayed image.We are using Unity with the the laste...

VirtSurg by Honored Guest
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grab interactable

Hi everyone! is there a way to make a select entered/exited grab interactable's events are only triggered by a controller rather tahn a socket interactable? Thanks!!

Ballard92 by Honored Guest
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Platform Settings- bad credentials??

Hi,I'm trying to set up my Unity project to use avatars. Unfortunately, I am unable to set the "Oculus Platform Settings", "Unity Editor Settings" part. I can't set myself as a tester in "Unity Editor Settings". I am the only developer, admin. When I...

fuzzy3d by Explorer
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Resolved! Seeking Guidance on XR interaction SDK sample scenes

Hello. I'm trying to figure out Interactions with the Meta XR all in one SDK. I can pick up a cube (woo!), but I cannot grab a sphere at a distance. I was following what I could find around the Interaction SDK and recently downloaded the SDK for XR-I...

kelv1nh by Explorer
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