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Change AndroidManifest.xml for AppLab submission.

I'm trying to get my app to be submitted into the AppLab, but I'm running into issues where no matter what I try, I always get those permissions active in my build:android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEandroid.permission.READ_MEDIA_AUDIOandroid.per...

AISDev by Honored Guest
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Unity game loading then crashing on Meta Quest 2

Hello! I am making a VR game in Unity, and when I try to launch it, it gives a splash screen, then crashes. It works fine in the Unity Editor, but when I sideload it to the quest, it does it. And note that It was working fine before (When we built ot...

SZPlayz by Honored Guest
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Android WebView Render Error

I'm making a VR simulation that uses Vuplex's WebView for Android - the canvases are taken from the poke interaction scene, with a WebView added to the Unity Canvas. Most of them load up just fine, but the one webpage I have is popping up an error ab...


Resolved! Quests hands tracking is not working in Unity editor

For some reason hands tracking is not working anymore in Unity editor.Tried with Quest Link and with Air Link.Tried in a clean project with the latest updates and Quest Pro.Tried in some old project for Quest 2 (and with Quest 2) where everything was...

DanceM by Protege
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Hand Grab Interactable grab Event?

hey I am having trouble finding out which event I need to catch from the HandgGrabInteractable to then from that event call a function. In my case the Photon.RequestOwnership(), on the grabbed object. Here is what I have until now, with help from Cha...

Screenshot from 2023-05-02 13-11-33.png

Resolved! OVRManager.display returning null

Problem: I'm trying to set my Quest 2 headset to 120hz, Calling OVRManager.display returns nullDetails:I imported the Oculus Integration Plugin then wrote the below code, but when I build and deploy to the headset I get a null reference exception bec...

upload_2023-3-8_14-7-56.png upload_2023-3-8_14-13-45.png
DTNA_VR by Explorer
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