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Meta Avatar SDK Unity WebGL Support

I know that as of right now Meta Avatar SDK does not support Unity WebGL builds because of web limitations when it comes to some of the SDKs features, however I was wondering if there was a way to overcome this just so I could load the avatar on a We...

Jeorge by Honored Guest
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Confused about namespace issue.

I have a grabbable object, and I want it to triger a function of another class ScreenShotManager when it is grabbed, so I announce a variable like thispublic ScreenShotManager shotManager;But it throws an error when compiling: Assets\Oculus\Interacti...

GesusMist by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How to create a two handed pose?

Hi All.I can create single hand poses (such as thumb up / fist etc) and now want to create a two handed pose - so for example - Left / Right hands open and Palms Up.I can't find any reference to this type of pose anywhere and can't figure out how to ...