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Publishing VR app into app lab

I was trying to publish my VR app into meta app lab and came across a site which lists many criteria's that should be satisfied by the app inorder to publish the app into app lab. https://developer.oculus.com/resources/publish-quest-req/My doubt is w...

Hand anchors stuck

Hi. I've noticed since updating to recent Oculus Integration that LeftHandAnchor and RightHandAnchor is stuck in 0,0,0 even when I can see the synthetic hands moving around in the editor. They move and snap to the accurate position once I either grab...

Oculus Audio Spatializer DOTS support ?

Hello ! I'd like to ask if anyone of you guys know of a way to support the Oculus Audio Spatializer plugin with DOTS / ECS ? Something like adding a authoring component to an object that will run a baker and convert an ONSP Audio Source into an entit...

Trouble with UI in unity vr app

I am developing vr app with unity, everything works fine but i am having trouble with menu as i cant see menu in the app after doing some changes to other components and if i again bring new camerarig from working scene it works fine, i am not doing ...

Collider not triggered

I already used collision triggers in that project, but That collider won't trigger at all. I can't figure it out since everything looks fine.The player object has kinematic Rigidbody and collider not set as trigger, and is set to "Player" layer.The c...

CollidersOverlap.jpg PhysicsLayers.jpg chessboxCollider.jpg PlayerCollider.jpg

Unity project not showing up on Oculus Rift

We are trying to run a Unity project on the Oculus Rift S, but whenever we run the application, nothing shows up on the headset. What could be the problem? We will now describe our setup in detail.PCWindows 10, 64 bitHeadsetThe headset seems to be we...

WarningScreenUnity.png PackagesUsedUnity.png

One grab rotate transformer broke

Hi, I use One Grab Rotate Transformer for joystick which give a boost to she ship and when is rotate and give boosted to ship and i ungrab joystick, after grab it again I cant rotate him anymore. What should I do?

FreedLOW by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Oculus Link crashes after playing PC(.exe) build game

Oculus Link crashes after playing PC(.exe) build game. I develop a game of VR(Oculus Quest 2) using Unity. I build APK file and can play it with an actual machine, but a bug occurs when I build for PCs(.exe file) and play with an actual machine using...

kuryu92 by Explorer
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Quest 2 controllers don't render anymore

I've updated Oculus Integration to version 25.0 and SteamVR to version 2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15). Now everytime I use the [CameraRig] and OVRCameraRig prefabs, the controllers won't show up, neither map the corresponding inputs. Also, I think there was a r...

VitoSSC by Honored Guest
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