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Resolved! MRUK scene loading inconsistently

I am working on a mixed reality game and using the MRUK to load scene data. "Load scene from device async" doesn't seem to work. Before using the MRUK, I used the OculusXrSceneActor, which worked wonderfully, but now im kind of lost. Now, using the "...

Get lighting data from HMD

I am currently developing a mixed reality experience, and was hoping to use lighting information from the headset cameras (Quest 3) to light the scene in real time. Is this a possibility? If so, how do I do this?I am using Unreal Engine 5.3 with Meta...

Meta Quest 3 GPU Crash

Hi, I am building a Quest VR game with Unreal Engine 4.27 from Meta github Fork. There's random crash from time to time. It seems GPU Management Unit has crashed. Here's a log of what happened. I can't find documentation on what this opcode means.Her...

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