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Face/Body tracking unreal blueprints

I am trying to face and body tracking data into an unreal 5.3 blueprint from my quest pro. I have been unable to find documentation on how to do this and after trying to figure it out myself I have come up empty. I am new to unreal so any help is wel...

UE 5.1 - Meta XR 54.0 not showing up

Another day another bad experience with Meta Quest Pro / Unreal EngineI am using Ubuntu and Unreal Engine 5.1.1I downloaded the latest version (54.0) of the Meta XR PluginI put it in the Plugins/Marketplace folder.It does not show up in the project s...

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UE app not working anymore

I have created a simple UE5 app for the meta quest pro.It was a nightmare to make it work and get the right configuration.But somehow it worked. After 3 months ... it does not work anymore.It just crashes after the start without any information.No up...

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