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Passthrough + Bloom?

Has anyone had any luck getting Bloom+Mobile HDR working in a project with a passthrough layer? When I tried enabling it in my project that has passthrough none of my objects showed up.

kampfz by Honored Guest
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PokeAHole shader (passtrough)

Hello I am trying to use the pokeahole shader that can be found in the Meta Xr plugin content. I wanted to do a window on reality. I have apply the pokeahole shader on a plane, I have the passtrough on my vrpawn but the shader does not thing. I have ...

hugoar by Protege
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UE5.1 passthrough API and Sample running

I tried to connect the blueprint following to the document, but most of the description in the document was vague. For the surface passthrough view, the mesh to be added should not be able to add the blueprint and must be the static mesh directly in ...

Passthrough Shadows Discussion

I'm currently looking into the best way to implement shadows for virtual characters. I've seen a few ways that look promising with just drop shadow cards. But what if I want true dynamic shadows? How do I get them to cast with no floor mesh since I w...

Passthrough over link not working in 5.1.1

Hey all, I've spent the last few days trying to get passthrough over link to work either via VR preview or a normal build to windows, and neither will function properly or at all. I can build the same project to native quest and it works fine, but an...

sunocxr_0-1676007539520.png sunocxr_1-1676007562925.png sunocxr_3-1676007650701.png sunocxr_4-1676007785087.png
su.nocxr by Explorer
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