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Passthrough Shadows Discussion

I'm currently looking into the best way to implement shadows for virtual characters. I've seen a few ways that look promising with just drop shadow cards. But what if I want true dynamic shadows? How do I get them to cast with no floor mesh since I w...

shared spaces in you own UE4 project?

Hi,I have the sharedspaces API working in our own project based on the example project but basic replication of some actors isnt working as i would have expected. We have the VRE plugin working and our pawn is replicating as exepected.We have a simpl...

typeeh by Protege
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No Oculus Hand Support in 4.27 Oculus branch?

As title suggests, opening my project (which focuses on hand tracking) in 4.27 causes issues with the hands. At first the hands wouldn't even appear until I switched back to Legacy OVR under the XR API in project settings, but then, after I package a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest For Business Save not working

When I build out our project using Unreal 4.25.3 oculus integration using standard save features, it works on the consumer headsets but does not save on the Enterprise edition headsets, also known as the business edition headsets. Why are these diffe...

Ham1ton by Protege
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