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Unreal widgets and Virtual Keyboard

I'm currently having an issue in Unreal 5.2 with the virtual keyboard for the Meta Quest 3. Using an editable text box and selecting it will bring up the virtual keyboard. However upon closing the virtual keyboard all widgets lose any sort of interac...

Game crashes on startup - Unreal 5.2.1

Hello, I've been trying to get this working for a while now but haven't gotten it to. This happens no matter which project template I use. This time I made a VR project and then just added meta XR and made all the changes in settings that are needed....

Ending development for UE4 is a huge mistake.

The branch of UE4 is being abandoned with a series of bugs that were never fixed, bugs that break the proper functioning of the engine. UE5 is clearly aimed at new generation consoles, the performance loss on mobile devices is huge, mainly due to the...

JampDev by Explorer
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Resolved! Unreal Shared Spatial Anchor Sample

My team and I have been struggling to get this sample working. We have packagedthe project for the store and submitted a data use checkup so we have access to UserID and cloud storage. We have also downloaded our packaged build from the AppLab and ar...

deyan-ZK by Explorer
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Passthrough over link not working in 5.1.1

Hey all, I've spent the last few days trying to get passthrough over link to work either via VR preview or a normal build to windows, and neither will function properly or at all. I can build the same project to native quest and it works fine, but an...

sunocxr_0-1676007539520.png sunocxr_1-1676007562925.png sunocxr_3-1676007650701.png sunocxr_4-1676007785087.png
su.nocxr by Explorer
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How do I scan for Bluetooth LE devices?

I have an Unreal app that needs to connect to BLE devices. During development I was using ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission but later discovered this is not allowed on the Oculus store. So I modified the app to use the recommended CompanionDeviceManage...

gairmuse by Explorer
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Quest 2 Battery Level on Windows Platform

Hi everybody,is there a way for a Windows Build to retrieve the battery level of the Quest 2? I think "Get Battery Level" from the "Optional Mobile Blueprint Library" will only work if you develop a native android app. Using the nodes provided by the...

No Oculus Hand Support in 4.27 Oculus branch?

As title suggests, opening my project (which focuses on hand tracking) in 4.27 causes issues with the hands. At first the hands wouldn't even appear until I switched back to Legacy OVR under the XR API in project settings, but then, after I package a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How can I change the Splash screen Title?

Hello everyone. I'm developing a UE4 game using 4.27.1. I was wondering how can I change the splash screen title that appears when I first launch my game. The only solution I found was to create a new Target.cs file with the name I want as title. Is ...

Gharlock by Honored Guest
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Quest For Business Save not working

When I build out our project using Unreal 4.25.3 oculus integration using standard save features, it works on the consumer headsets but does not save on the Enterprise edition headsets, also known as the business edition headsets. Why are these diffe...

Ham1ton by Protege
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