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Unreal Engine 5.0.3 Platform SDK

Hey, is there any place to access older versions of the Platform SDK for Unreal Engine 5?We just released our VR title, Kid Pilot, to Steam and were beginning the setup to release it to the Meta Store. However, we're working with Unreal Engine 5.0.3,...

Passthrough not displaying meshes

Hey, so I've been banging my head against the wall for the past couple hours trying to get passthrough to work properly, I can get the camera to show up using this example https://github.com/Ayushanbhore/Unreal-Quest3-PassthroughSample but when using...

JR.meta by Honored Guest
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Error on Live Link | Face, Body, Eye Tracking

Hello, hope all is well.I am trying to get Live Link working on the Meta Quest Pro in Unreal 5.2, and have tried in 5.1 as well. I keep running into these errors in the Live Link window after connecting Meta MovementSDK Live Link.Live Link Errors: Tr...

Resolved! Widget Input Bug - UE5.1 with Meta XR Plugin v1.81.0

As mentioned in the subject, I'm using UE5.1 with the Meta XR plugin released Feb 7, 2023 (In Unreal, the plugin's version is shown as v1.81.0, but on the download page it is called v49?).In Unreal's VR Template project, the left controller menu butt...

RM1181 by Protege
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Error: Launch capture flow

Keep running into this error when trying to launch capture flow, both in my own project and in the most recent sample project from github.Not sure what the problem is but I would guess that I have a setting disabled somewhere? Thank in advance!


UE5 Laser pointer direction

I'm developing a game with UE5. And with the Motion Controller component the forward vector points upward from the controller (up from the thumbstick). Is there a way to get the laser pointer direction, or a reference/guide somewhere to know which ro...

HectorDRG by Honored Guest
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