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Have a Horizon Worlds building question? Can't quite get that script to work out the way you want? Ask away! Please stay on topic - Off topic posts are submit to removal.
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Resolved! How to create wheel spinner

Hi! I am looking to make a physics based wheel spinner as a minigame. Like that seen from Wheel of Fortune. Im struggling with setting up an object/entity that cant be moved and can only be rotated on the Z axis. It could be possible to do with spinn...

MagDean by Honored Guest
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Creating Climb Grab Points

Hi - hope you can help, I've visited Horizon worlds where players can climb (pull themselves up) using grab points (or objects) anchored to the wall - how are these grab points/objects created? Setting an object's property to 'grabbable' is only avai...

strawman1 by Honored Guest
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Cannot install Horizon Worlds

Hello, I tried constantly for awhile now to install Horizon worlds but I get the “add to wishlist” option. Saw a friend playing it a few days ago and he said it was available right off the bat. But when I check it, I can’t install it. I’m well over 1...

cant instill

i want to instill meta horizon but if keeps saying coming soon my frand told me that he has it and want to play torgather but i cant even do that becues the game on my end says it COMING SOON WAY IS THIS. if the ceo wants people to play togather then...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Horizon Worlds Abuse

Horizon Worlds is moderated by "community guides" who will ban you for looking at them wrong. they all run off of a different set of rules every server so watch out and make sure to walk on egg shells. if you look at them wrong you could receive a he...

play .mp4 in world

Is there a way to play an .mp4 video in worlds, on a big screen like a cinema (with sound)?I need to know this before i spend a lot of time learning the horizon building course. Thanks

melsers by Honored Guest
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Looking for some help...

Does anyone have any type of scripting to build a slot machine? I am also needing some help scripting my table games like Poker & Omaha. Any and all help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance BajaBob69AKA; Robert Threadgill

BajaBob69 by Honored Guest
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Call external API from Horizon Worlds

Good day,Can I call external API of my app/service which has public internet address from my world in Horizon worlds, process some input information and return result to Horizon worlds? Is it possible now ? If not maybe in the future this feature wil...

Dimamond by Honored Guest
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Swinging saloon door

I have a one way swinging door with a single trigger working in my world, but I was trying to create a double swing (aka saloon) door that can swing both ways depending on which way the user is entering. Similar to the door in the user's Horizon Worl...

onlyday by Honored Guest
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