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Unattainable Achievements

I've been searching for a few months, but I haven't found anything. My wife doesn't have access to achievements. They're not visible even for Meta created worlds. Everything is up to date and doesn't work on her Quest 2, Quest 3, or Airlinked to PC. ...

V139 updates for creators

Summary of the past weeks updates that affect creators...Expanded availability: Members-only worlds are now available for all Meta Horizon Worlds users ages 18+. (Important to note - that once you convert your world to member only, it cannot be chang...

1V1XEN by Protege
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Horizons Access

So is it correct Horizons is not available to every Meta user even if they have the appropriate hardware. Im in Australia and the Meta Quest 3 store says Horizons is not available to me. Is it still in Beta?


关于如何在非Meta Horizon Worlds游戏支持的国家地区安装正版官方游戏教程完整步骤!如果在WiFi已连接的情况下,如果提示游戏“即将推出”或“不可用”时:1.先关毕 WiFi连接,选择用智能手机开启的共享热点;If the game is " Coming Soon" or " Not Available " if the WiFi is connected: 1. Turn off the WiFi connection first, Choose a shared hotspo...

Screenshot_2023-09-23-17-59-06-361_com.oculus.twilight.jpg Screenshot_2023-09-26-00-08-43-922_com.android.settings.jpg Screenshot_2023-09-26-00-09-25-924_com.android.settings.jpg Screenshot_2023-09-24-12-36-05-218_com.oculus.twilight.jpg

Resolved! How to create wheel spinner

Hi! I am looking to make a physics based wheel spinner as a minigame. Like that seen from Wheel of Fortune. Im struggling with setting up an object/entity that cant be moved and can only be rotated on the Z axis. It could be possible to do with spinn...

MagDean by Honored Guest
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workroom app

Meta quest2 workroom app suddenly won't start. It freezes at the opening screen. This happens only with meta quest2, which has multiple accounts. It does not happen with the main account, but when I switch to sub accounts and start the workroom. The ...

jjjno1 by Honored Guest
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No photocard feature

Hello. Sorry but none of the topics available in the forum correspond to my question.Since I have my headset, I get 2 updates for my Meta Quest 2, and 2 or 3 updates for the Horizon Worlds app.But, contrary to other users, I have no photocard option,...

Cannot install Horizon Worlds

Hello, I tried constantly for awhile now to install Horizon worlds but I get the “add to wishlist” option. Saw a friend playing it a few days ago and he said it was available right off the bat. But when I check it, I can’t install it. I’m well over 1...

Meta horizon world

Hi,I purchased and set up my new meta quest 2 yesterday but every time I start meta quest world on the quest 2 it comes up with a message telling me to set it up. im really stuck with what to do because I think I’ve tried everything.

Horizon Worlds Abuse

Horizon Worlds is moderated by "community guides" who will ban you for looking at them wrong. they all run off of a different set of rules every server so watch out and make sure to walk on egg shells. if you look at them wrong you could receive a he...

play .mp4 in world

Is there a way to play an .mp4 video in worlds, on a big screen like a cinema (with sound)?I need to know this before i spend a lot of time learning the horizon building course. Thanks

melsers by Honored Guest
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Passthrough Worlds

Now that the Pro is around, many of us prefer the color passthrough when using creativity apps. Is Meta going to have a passthrough mode when building in HW? Builders will be able to stay in longer. Already a number of 3rd party companies updated the...

JCat by Expert Protege
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horizon world

Hello! I want to know if there is a way to connect to horizon world without telling my friends in there? I do not want to block anybody but sometimes I do not want to be bugged and just tg to watch or go to different rooms by myself. Is there a ay I ...

MulanQC by Honored Guest
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