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Crystal colour change

I want to make a crystal that I have change colour when I press a button and when on a pedestal (there will be many crystals and pedestals so I only want the pedestal to take information from the crystal and then change it)

Importing 3D models?

Hello everybody. I am currently a student at the Academy of Art University and I work with Autodesk Maya, 3DS MAX, Substance Painter, etc. etc. I was wondering if there was a way to use my own 3D models to build a Meta Horizon world?

No collision in created world.

I recently discovered issues that seemed to look like z-fighting/ripping at first glance but didn't seem to fit the typical "surfaces competing" causes. It was happening to single solid objects but only when I faced a certain direction. After trying ...

absoltee by Honored Guest
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Unattainable Achievements

I've been searching for a few months, but I haven't found anything. My wife doesn't have access to achievements. They're not visible even for Meta created worlds. Everything is up to date and doesn't work on her Quest 2, Quest 3, or Airlinked to PC. ...

Resolved! Horizon Worlds Coming Soon

Hello,I am developer, I bought Quest 2 for development in Horizon Worlds but it says coming soon in the App Store. Kindly help me in this issue. How can I download it and do development in the Horizon Worlds. I checked on some forums it says that hor...

New game idea

Have you got any plans for a game where you are in control of a "JCB EXCAVATOR".This would be an excellent game to have in your catalogue as you need to use both hands to fully control this type of machine. I used to drive one years ago. What do you ...

BudgieUK by Honored Guest
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so like, what is horizon worlds?

i dont really know what horizon worlds is, can someone please tell me.(Note: i'm just curious because i keep seeing it in my quest menu even though i dont remember installing it, since the only things i have installed are vrc and yt)

EBJX by Explorer
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I have made 30 Quest's

I now have made 30 of my own Quest's !!!!!!!So anyone have any Ideas as to how I could celebrate this milestone?I hope to publish all 30 in the future it may even be possible before Christmas although march 2024 seems more realistic

V139 updates for creators

Summary of the past weeks updates that affect creators...Expanded availability: Members-only worlds are now available for all Meta Horizon Worlds users ages 18+. (Important to note - that once you convert your world to member only, it cannot be chang...

1V1XEN by Protege
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Oculus quest 2 frustrations

The controls keep locking up. ! While I am trying to build something in my map the controls stop responding and I cannot select anything this is very frustratingAlso something I noticed there is a problem with lighting when I select the option for th...