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Most people were half expecting or hoping that Rift S would be 1.5 gen to keep up with the likes of Pimax, but it's clear that Oculus is only interested in playing catch-up with Vive Pro - but even in that, it fails.We have a mid-range OLED standalon...
VRgineers aspherics development puts paid to the spin,parroted by developers and VR enthusiasts alike, that Fresnels are the bestoptics - It shatters the myth that 'next gen' fresnels, proudly boasted by Oculus,is what VR needs. By all accounts XTAL ...
The fact that Quest is using the same lenses as Go - flogging Fresnels for all their worth, which is not much - speaks volumes as to Oculus/Zuckerburg's apparent blind spot, the large visual sour spot would be more appropriate. I won't harp on about ...
Did anyonewho signed up for Go updates ever received an update? Signed up two months ago,and not one single update. Oculus PR is atrocious. If it wasn’t forword-of-mouth on Reddit, and the like, no-one would know the thing existsand is on sale.
With the imminent release of Go in mind, arethere any VR media players on Android that incorporate smooth motion? I’vetried SVPcast but the result on my phone is not ‘smooth’ at all - stop/startand video breaking up. I useSVP in Whirligig with amazin...
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