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I believe the SDK previously included precompiled dll files - is this no longer the case? I've not been able to find them. Are there plans to restore these? It'd be super useful for my purposes.
Is there a java API for the mobile SDK, or do we need to write our apps mostly in C++?If there is, where can I find the documentation for it? If there isn't, are there plans for one?Thanks!
Link: http://www.tyrovr.com/2014/06/02/python-ovrsdk.htmlexample: import time from ovrsdk import * ovr_Initialize() hmd = ovrHmd_Create(0) hmdDesc = ovrHmdDesc() ovrHmd_GetDesc(hmd, byref(hmdDesc)) print hmdDesc.ProductName ovrHmd_StartSensor( \ hmd,...
Link: https://github.com/wwwtyro/python-ovrsdkWindows only still, but hope to add Linux support in the next couple of days, and OSX sometime after that.Enjoy, and let me know if you run into any issues with it.
OVR_Linux_SensorDevice.o appears twice in the OBJECTS definition, lines 81 and 113. Not a problem for static compilation, but throws a wrench into building a shared lib.If there's a more appropriate place for reporting these, let me know. Edit: Ocul...