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This game has Spanish dubbing from Spain in the PSVR version, but it seems that you have forgotten in the Quest 2 version, which only has the Latin American dubbing. in a game that uses a movie license, it's even more annoying not to hear the voices ...
offset i.p.d. independent vertical and horizontal per eye, for asymmetrical eye spacing There are people who have one eye placed perfectly in the center and the other displaced to the side, needing another i.p.d. separation, and even vertically displ...
It is annoying to have to connect Quest to the PC to enter ADB commands or to do it with Sidequest, and that when resetting or shutting down we have to do it again. There is even an app specialized in this that also requires a connection to the PC. E...
Every time I turn on the Quest the battery is dead. I have to put it on charge, and who knows when the next time I turn it on and have a battery. I have to remember to turn it off, and make sure I want to turn it off, instead of thinking "maybe I'll ...
Both games still perform very poorly (with poor graphics too), they are very inefficient.In my tests the key is internal resolution. Both are famous and people want to play them.Now that Microsoft bought the company, they could be more collaborative.