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So the runtime and SDK is being released March 28th? If UE4.11 is out before then, will it still have the 1.0 SDK implementation?If it does, then exactly how are we supposed to test it without the runtime to make sure the scenes work properly?Even if...
99.976% sure I won't finish this until after Halloween, but figured I'd get some input on the poster design 
If anyone can respond, it would be great. How good is the CV1 for text readability, not just for menus, but say, for papers or news papers spread on a desk?Are there any practices that I should keep in mind when designing the newspapers, such as font...
Err.. this is probably the only forum / area which I can ask, so here it goes.Emulating a 30hz tone/beat to (hopefully) incite the fight/flight fear response. Does it need to be a 30hz tone, or can it be a sound that plays 30 times a second?I would e...
Not anything new in the article, but it's a good one considering it came from a skeptic: ... y-facebook
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