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The OSX SDK seems to have been removed from S3 and any references to downloading it are gone. Is there any official statement that goes with this? We still have Mac users that use our app with the DK2.
I'm working on an application using a custom OpenGL engine. I've recently started tracking the the ovrPerfStatsPerCompositorFrame::AppDroppedFrameCount value, watching it rise constantly. However, in many cases it's rising even though I'm well under ...
The current 'C API' header, OVR_CAPI.h includes additional headers that are not compatible with vanilla C (like OVR_Math.h, via OVR_CAPI_Util.h). You can disable them by defining OVR_CAPI_NO_UTILS before you include OVR_CAPI.h, but the code should au...
Is there any ETA on native Vulkan support in the PC SDK? Is it even on the roadmap? I know that you can use the GL interop functionality to make it work on systems that support that GL extension (in fact I've created an example that does just that he...
Java bindings for SDK 1.3.0 are now available. Many thanks to Github user crramirez for the bulk of the work doing this.The source code can be found on Github here. Example code can be found here.Developers using Maven (or a Maven compatible tool lik...
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