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I'm using Unity 2021.3.10f1 and Iā€™m having an intermittent problem with launching an app using Meta Avatars and the OpenXR plugin. Sometimes when it launches it will not track hands until I hit the sleep button a couple of times to reset it and then ...
I have created a 2nd camera in my scene so that I could stream the view out to a server but my avatar is rendered without a head. Is there any way to force the Oculus Avatar2 to also create the head? I've been searching for options in the Oculus code...
I have the Meta Avatars working in a networked app on the Oculus Quest. Now I want to get the raw bytes of the Avatar data retrieved from the CDN so I can send them to a room server that can send this data out to users on other platforms so that they...
Does the Oculus Remote Desktop have an SDK? I want to capture screen images and send them to Oculus users, just like how Horizon Workrooms is sharing the screen from a desktop user. But on the Oculus, my screen captures are terrible compared to Horiz...