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Its been happening for a couple days nows. On my quest 3, the saved boundary moves from around 6 inches to a foot in the room in a random direction (its shape does not change, but its position in the room does). I have not seen it before until now.Is...
I had my left controller on my Quest 2 get very bad with drifting and being unable to "click to run" in games, but this was after nearly 2 years of using it.I am already having issues with my left controller on the Quest 3. When I go the controller c...
My room in passthrough mode is distinctly more amber now. White colors in menus are still white and games don't look any different, but my room has a distinct amber cast. Did something change in the software or maybe something is going wrong in the h...
I finally got around to buying a (very) cheap USB tester. These are some very rough numbers of charging the Quest 3 and Quest 2 with different power sources.The first one is very odd. My Quest 3 cooling fan came on the first time I tried the QWOS bat...
The quest 3 controller really don't like NiMH rechargable AA batteries. I assume the charge dock must replace them with a different type of battery. Has anyone tried measuring the voltage on those batteries. Is it 3.7V ?