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Are there any that are Gen 1 PCIe slots with the same output? This would work but it's only 10Watts max
Can anyone recommend a PCIe USB 3.0 expansion card that would put out at least 18 watts? My ports only put out about 5.For the price if this Quest 3 500GB headset, I'm thinking of returning it if I can't find a solution in the next week. I'm not impr...
I'm having an issue often when I go to Meta Horizon Worlds, (the little pink world screen) with the city that shows up - but none of the white menus work. I can scroll the screen with both controllers usually, but sometimes only with one controller, ...
Running into a few issues here. First, I'm using AirLink because everything I read on line regarding USB cables is bad news if you don't have USB-C. My ports are USB 3.0 which I think only puts out about less then 5 watts from what I understand.The U...
Hello My friend showed me a world when he had his old headset, I was standing on a skyscraper at night on a plank and it was really freaky. I'm looking for that and also, where can I get places like the Grand Canyon?