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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having an awesome and joyous day. Sometimes people just need to know that someone cares enough to check on them. Have thee most amazing day! XOXO
I’m just ranting a little but I’m starting to feel discouraged when I’m build mode. We are already so limited with items to use in our builds, so to have things taken away on top of all of the different issues that arise weekly is discouraging. Every...
I think that giving us access to watch tv in our worlds would be a great addition! I’ve overheard so many people saying why can’t we access YouTube or something from our homes like vr chat has. This is just my suggestion that I’m throwing out.
Will we ever get the ability to have the picture frames and cameras? I think the pictures on the wall in a house made it look so much like a home. Also to be able to use cameras as mirrors would be a great addition to make mirrors look more realistic...
Good evening! Is anyone having trouble accessing Horizon Worlds? It’s showing the old login screen and when I try to click something it says unable to load content. It also gave a message that if this continues to login to