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my play area is tilted, and sadly therefor i have a rather small play aera while my actaul area is 150x200cm but sadly i cant edit iti dont know if i can somehow trick it to see it was a rectangle..
I understand that the more camera's you add the more there is to traingulate, so the better the tracking (until your cpu cant handle the trangulation anymore)but why does ocolus recomment two camera's in front? why not 1 infront and 1 behind for bett...
Does anyone know a good source to get more of the uber awsome stuffI realy like those in the 360 photo app but i want more
I read so many issues with the rift of poeple who got a recently new one, it starts to scare me lolIv only used mine twice now but i fear it can break any moment at this rate So far i only had an usb issue that i fixed by buying the intek usb expans...
So i noticed on my CV1 that if i have no image on screen, (so black) i see a sort of vertical to bottom curtain on right eye, the top is slightly greenish the botton is redis this that haze poeple talk about ?i gues its just an issue with the lcd on ...
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