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I did not change anything that I am aware of and get now.Specified cast is not valid.UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object)OVRGradleGeneration:PatchAndroidManifest(String) (at Assets/Oculus/VR/Editor/OVRGradleGeneration.cs:348)OVRGradleGeneration:OnPostG...
It only produces a static image with smearing artefactsI am using post processing + forward rendering with bloom. But it also does not wotk with post processing disabled.Any ideas?
I have an object as child of RightHandAnchor. As I move arround the playercontroller the object changes it´s relative position.WHY?
I am testing on a GO.There is a million combinations to make it wrong. What parameter is doing what?I have "reset" the values and it is no not moving at all. I tried an acceleration of 10. That was the only time I could get it to move, but way to fas...
in may 2019 mconte wrote:"improving iteration time natively on-device is one of our top priorities this year (once we get the hardware out the door!). I don't have anything i can talk about right at this moment, but we are heavily focused on making t...
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