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When using hand tracking on the Quest, it instantiates various objects, such as capsule colliders. When doing so, the SDK should really set the tag and layer of all these objects to match the object instantiating them, I just lost a lot of time becau...
I’m running an app that doesn’t need sensors, but if I don’t have them plugged in, that error message appears blocking any app I run. Can the error message be disabled?
It seems really odd to me that I have the premium VR headset, but I can't watch the NBA games in VR because they only work on a mobile VR headset. Where is the deficiency here? Is it somehow in the capabilities of the hardware? Difficulty in porting ...
The other day I received my third Touch sensor, I quickly set it up and immediately bought/ran Job Simulator. I was happy, I got a decent sized restaurant with things behind me and room to walk a couple feet, nice room scale stuff. Today I decided to...
There are a whole lotta shooting/gun games for Touch, but what RPG/action adventures are there? Chronos was one of my favorite Rift games, with all those Steam VR games someone must have made a decent action/adventure.
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