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The problem is that camera tracking only works reliably if the camera is completely static in space. It is assumed so, but that's not always the case, such as on motion platforms. When camera is set in motion, the tracking tends to snap around wildly...
It's really an issue you have no idea! So I've created a facebook Rift simulator so that you could see for yourself. OCULUS VR IS DEAD!!!11! i'm not serious, obviously it's a jokeI mean seriously, how can you even play a game when it's cluttered with...
With regards of shitstorm due to recent events, I've decided to hack together a quick demo just to ridicule wild claims the trolls would do.
An Oculus Rift adaptation of the wolfire board game Desperate Gods. It's compatible with non-VR version and you can play with non-VR players. The controls list sheet is located to the left. The game menus are located to the right. If you have trouble...
I was watching a diggers' video of going through abandoned bomb shelter, but there's clearly were traces of hobos presense, and they were shining their flashlight to see around. I thought better be ready for nutbar encounter, draw a knife or somethin...
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