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Ok, I know this has been brought up here and there, but I think isolating and fixing the jutter issue should be a huge priority. We need to figure out exactly what is causing it, and see how it can be worked out for EVERYBODY on all applications. Fir...
On the DK1 I was able to check out all of the demos, all of the roller coasters, everything. I only got a bit of motion sickness once or twice, and it always was after using it for a long time, and under other circumstances (long day, tired etc..)But...
So, I was playing with my new DK2 a bit, and noticed (at least in the desk demo, so far) that things get super doubled/impossible to focus on when they are close. I first noticed this when I went in for a closer look at the stack of cards. I could co...
I've noticed in task manager (Windows 7 64bit) that Oculusconfigutil.exe*32 is consistently using about 10-15% cpu. I dunno if it should be doing that when it is just hanging out in the background, and my rift is turned off.
Is there a list of demos/games that use .3 on up? Just something so we can have a general idea of which dk1 demos can even be messed around with the dk2. I have a lot of bathwater in my rift folder, and I'd hate to throw it all out if there are a few...