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As per the title: Is it possible to detect / get a callback when headphones are connected / disconnected?Best thing I've found so far is to build a tiny android lib myself, but if there's a native Oculus API to do this that would keep things tidier.
Does anyone know hot to get the Unity _CameraDepthTexture working on Go?I'm setting up the camera correctly (GetComponent().depthTextureMode |= DepthTextureMode.Depth ) and everything looks good on PC / in rift, but on go the depth texture appears to...
Is there a step-by-step guide on how to get Visual Studio connecting to a running Oculus Go Unity app?I can install / run / view the realtime log with adb with no problem. Unity itself can see and connect to the app in the profiler window, however,Vi...
(sorry for the double post, original topic was a discussion instead of a question)VRC.PC.Audio.1 is our last remaining VRC, but I'm struggling to find any info on how to set our project up to pass.We're using: Wwise 2017.2.0Unity Integration Bundle: ...
I'm trying to make sure our app is ready to go, but I'm not certain on what exactly I can/should do to ensure we pass this VRC:Currently we drop into our pause menu when the app loses focus, but it seems like there's a bit more to be done:VRC.PC.Inpu...
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