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Our application depends upon attaching objects to each avatars hands and head. Unfortunately this means we can't use LoadUser() to update an avatar's appearance if they changed it because there seems to be a bug where the critical joint transforms ju...
UPDATE (01/05/2023)As of January 5th users are being loaded via the Federated App Id but instead of missing their heads they now seem to be missing their hair. It would be funny if our product launch was not dependent on this getting fixed. UPDATE (0...
UPDATE (01/03/2023): As of January 3rd 2023, Loading avatars with federated app ids simply doesn't work. Instead I get an error log saying 'Spec Request Failed'. UPDATE (12/22/2022): I've managed to narrow down this issue to something to do with the ...
I think I've found a bug in the meta avatars sdk version 17.2. After calling LoadUser() on an avatar entity that has already been loaded before(which may happen if you'd want to update an avatar's look), the transforms Joint Head, Joint LeftHandWrist...
A cool feature in Horizons is that when you take your headset off your avatar is replaced by a 2d image of you avatar. Has anyone figured out how to access that 2d image using the Unity SDK?