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I just noticed any Rift apps including vr preview in UE4 ignore my overclock settings completely. Has anybody else noticed this?
has anyone managed to get the AMD Crimson drivers working on windows 7-64 with runtime 0.8?I keep getting "Failed to initialize DirectDisplay extension (AMD)" in the runtime control panel. demo's work but it seems to be falling back to Legacy direct ...
As some of you may know I been mucking around with Senza Peso in my spare time and have just finished a second build.This is build against the SDK using UE4 4.7.6 .Tested and working with runtime.additional keys are,'1' latency perfhu...
After a rift aplication crashes the process continues to run with 100% utilisation on a single core.Restarting an application means the screen basically freezes as the process is already maxing out that core.Ending the process with task manager after...
I just tried testing timewarp in both the 4.8 binary release from EPic along with Oculus's 4.7-06 branch and im not see'ingwhat i expect to see.In previous releases you could test timewarp by setting 'showflag.rendering' to 0.Like so,But with 4.8/ 4....
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