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My question is the title. What are the pros and cons? I'm aware URP should be slightly faster, but I'm concerned that many assets from the Asset Store wont work with it!
I don't have enough disc space to update my Oculus software and am locked out of my content with a "Critical Message- an Oculus update could not be installed "Is there a workaround?
I have a relatively simple question: How can I get the Global velocity of on Oculus touch controller? Currently, the GrabEnd() method of the OVRGrabber class contains the following line of code: Vector3 linearVelocity = trackingSpace.orientation * OV...
Below is pseudo-code which demonstrates my desired functionality. The code needs to be placed in on the grabbed object. The part in Bold is what I need clarification on. if (_OVRGrabbable.grabbedBy == "LTouch"){//Do something}EDIT:Solution :Public OV...
1) Is it necessary to import Oculus Native Spatializer for Unity in order to use First Party Audio Spatialization? Are these in fact 2 different solutions? When I import ONSP and attach an ONSP audio Source component to my Audio source, Spatializatio...