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Hello,I'm looking to manipulate the amount of lag/latency present in my VR project (if I turn my head, then the scene from HMD changes after few milliseconds/seconds). Does anyone know how to do this for the oculus rift?Thanks
Is there a way to get the angular velocity and acceleration of the VR user (the headset itself) in unity? I am only looking for angular velocity and acceleration because the user will be stationary while only moving around their head.In the oculus de...
Hello,I am trying to record head tracking info such as orientation, velocity and acceleration of headset when moving head side to side. Anyone know how to obtain these records in Unity? I'd like to output these values to a cvs for analysis. Thank you
I'm trying to set up my old DK2 headset with unity and can't make it past the Health and Safety screen. When I press play in unity, I can see the headset tracking working on my computer. However, in the actual headset it says 'press any button to ack...