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Hi there,I don't want to start a discussion about "Facebook scans my HDD files" and "Oculus watches me with the cam", because I'm sure that doesn't happen.Since I'll receive my Rift any time soon I'm asking, if there was an Update on the 24/7 Faceboo...
Hi folks!Just a quick question: Everytime a VR App opens, Oculus Home automatically opens and loads!How can I start VR Apps (like on Steam and Stuff) without the Oculus Home App?Thanks&Cheers!
Hi,I've been working on a Demo over the past months. It's a classsic 3D Platformer for the Rift.Beat the level, collect the Orb at the End and make a new best time!Id really like to know what you think. It's compiled with the latest UE4.10 and should...
*Update v 0.4*Another One is a straight forward platformer. Reach the Diamond at the end of the level to proceed!AO41.jpg3 Levels, Easy to Hard!Controls: WASD & GamePad - Walk/StrafeA/LMB - JumpR/Start: Reset PositionSelect: MenuEsc: QuitAO43.jpgAO42...
Hi,I haven't found a Site that collects News around the Oculus Rift.The big sites produce their own articles, but have a lack of other news.So I decided to start my own site. It's very simple and basic, no flash, graphics or something like that.Just ...
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