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Hi all,We've setup some custom hands for our game, I've got the grabbing via Flex working not a problem.The issue we're having is with the Thumb & Point layers overriding, the animations are also overriding the other fingers/thumb which kills the gra...
I've just played the new Oculus Touch Demo available for Touch users, is it possible to get the source code for this?I think it would be a great help to developers, myself included to see how you've achieved some of the functionality.Is punching obje...
Hi everyone,I've removed my previous post and will write it again.So I've been looking through the OVRTouch stuff and I believe to make objects that can't be moved/held when grabbed, I have to use HandPose.Does anyone know where the documentation is ...
Hi everyone,Within the Grabbable.cs in Unity's inspector you have the option to add a Hand Pose to your collider areas, am I right in thinking this is used for switching to hands that 'fit' holding that object?If so, how do you go about setting this ...
Hey everyone,I've updated our Oculus SDK to the latest version and I'm getting lots of errors: anyone help me out here? Running Unity 5.4.1f1
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