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8 Ball Pool Comp.Time Slot - Saturdays 9:30pm London Time on the EU Server (Join Discord and meet up with folks you'll know can play)Discord: NEW - 9 Ball Comp################Time Slot - Wednesdays 9:30pm London Time.EU S...
So the problem i'm having is this..The game displays fullscreen (as required for Shadowplay) no problems, that's not the issue, it's the picture in picture thing that's a problem.. I'm guessing it's the overlay on an overlay that's causing it, but i'...
The current system for loot is great and beats the ever lovin' bejuzus out of waiting a week for a raid to unlock for another ***** at that item you just can't get, but how about some cool animated gadgets like WoW's engineering stuff for our homes, ...
I'd kill for a scalable slideshow picture frame!!, it's honestly all I bother to use my home TV for, but I have to make it full screen and couldn't use it for anything else if I wanted to, but if we had a folder (or 2/3) we could drop images into lik...
'We could definitely use either some more animated objects for our homes or better yet some interactive options, the current ones are Awesome, but they're very much a solo affair, ie: Boomerang, Blimp.. yeah sure a couple people or more could stand a...
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