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I'm experiencing severe frame drops with the later nVidia drivers (post 451.xx).Latest driver tested is 457.09. App "Motion-to-Photon Latency" flashes "N/A" regularly as tho something is interfering on a random basis resulting in dropped frames every...
On my hardware, the Oculus drivers don't like the 451+ range of nvidia drivers (With the GPU Scheduling feature)Lots of dropped frames and latency n/a'sCPU = 3950xGPU = 2080tiMB = Gigabyte Gaming 570xRAM = 32GB cl14===================================...
I never had this appear until latest 1.15 beta as of May 31.I am running a 4790K and 1080ti !!!Disabled the beta option and the problem went away.
I cant find it anywhere!I found a link to by going through some old emails, but I cant for the life of me find a link on the oculus site that takes me there.
Re: Eye Tracking and foveation (only rendering high res where the user is looking, to reduce GPU load)Batman Arkham VR uses foveation based on where your head is pointing (without eye tracking). This works because a VR user typically moves his head a...
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