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Oculus Integration 49 gives errors when importing (of one which doesn't disappear whatever we tried), using Unity 2021.1.21f1Assets\Oculus\Voice\Lib\\Lib\Conduit\Editor\Training\EnumSynchronizer.cs(303,57): error CS1061: 'List' does not contain...
For some reason since updating to integration 43/44/46 I keep getting an error during entitlement checking.Unity 2021.1.21f1 UnityException: Request with no handler. This should never happen.Oculus.Platform.Request`1[T].HandleMessage (Oculus.Platform...
We are preparing to launch our old yet updated game for Quest.Since GearVR isn't supported anymore, we won't be updating for that platform anymore, however, we would like to be able to grant owners of our game on GearVR a chance to get the game on Qu...
OverLint does not work properly / breaks, with AudioSources without a referenced AudioClip.Adding a simple null check to audioSource.clip at line 551 and 571 should fix this.
One of our workstations got updated to v14, and ever since we can't get an image on the HMD via our host compositing application, Black Magic Design's Fusion 9 and Fusion Studio 16.When switching to OpenVR in that app we can it see it render and actu...
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