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I saw it in the shop for half the price and had to buy it. I cannot use Facebook but I do have an Oculus account from the Rift days... is it possible to set it up without Facebook at all? Otherwise I'll just flip it. Thanks.
So any purchases I've made vanish? I cannot use Oculus ever again? Cause whenever I try to make a second account they somehow know it's me and stop it. Why can't we just have the account system that works fine as it is? Facebook, Twitter... all these...
I'm not buying the same game on the same platform... it's why I literally have not used my Quest since it released. I bought it expecting it to share the content I already had.... no...  Well why would I pay £18.99 for Superhot again? I already own ...
It shows how limited VR is in a closed environment, there is nothing to do on the thing and it's barely hd any software support. Oculus really need to open it up like Steam so we can have loads and loads of games.... cause right now I look at the sto...
My Go is over a year old now so I guess with these American Items it won't be covered by warranty? However I'm noticing dead pixels on the screen and it's really distracting in VR, it started with a lite row of two or three up at the top, but it wasn...
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