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I'll just throw a few questions here regarding cross-platform development...1) Does cross-platform also includes PSVR?2) Will other Oculus services like the Platform SDK also go cross-platform?3) In Unity, the Avatar SDK forces you to use the OVR Cam...
I’ve implemented a full body avatar using Final IK in my prototype and while the results are beyond my expectations so far, it’s missing hands animations.So I was wondering if there was a way to use the awesome Oculus Avatar hand animations on a stan...
By default, Unity's physics engine works at 60Hz and since Rift works at 90Hz, there's very noticeable stutter when using linear movement on RigidBodies. I can "fix" it by setting the Fixed Timestep in the Time Projects Settings so that FixedUpdate a...
Some games offer this option, but it would be very useful to be able to permanently display the center of the play-area using the Guardian settings. Allow us to set the size, color and transparency for bonus points.
The little slider on my Rift doesn't report back the IPD value to the software so even though my lenses are properly distanced, my IPD value is stuck at 71mm. I know my IPD is 67mm so is there a way I can override the value somewhere?I've tried the O...