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Community Manager
Community Manager

(Updated as of: October 2022)


We are doing some revamping around the site, so we thought we should do some updating to our Community Guidelines too.

The first and foremost rule to any game is HAVE FUN. Right? So that’s exactly what we want you to do. To make that happen and for you to connect well with other members, we do need to set up some ground rules.

For a full list of our Forum Rules, check out this post here.

However here are some important highlights we want to cover:

  • We have expectations of our community members
  • You may need answers. We will help you find them.
  • Be respectful always. Community members come from all walks of life.

Mistakes happen in online forums, but when these rules are violated:

We do reserve the right to edit or remove posts that violate any of the guidelines listed above and will apply the appropriate consequences for these recorded violations. 

Meta reserves the right to remove content for any reason, as well as to restrict members’ posting ability, at their discretion.

All in all what we're really what we’re trying to say with this is, “Play nicely together everyone!”

We want to hear from YOU, without the distractions, so please make sure to take a good look at the full
Forum Rules that we've outlined and make sure to follow.

Thank you!