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PTC v41 Release Megathread

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Public Test Channel (PTC) for Quest and Quest 2 v41 is starting to roll out. Let's use this thread for collecting feedback on it. Share your impressions and let us know if you see any issues. Please make sure to also send in bug reports along with posting here if you notice anything going wrong.


When sharing feedback, try to include as much detail as possible to help the team investigate.

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Level 2

First comment and first test Group I guess wohoo lucky me but uh yeah


I have been testing the setup room and I manged to brake it by adding to many objects that the walls started to disappear I have yet to do it again to see if it was a fluke.



Level 2

The stutter is back on windows 11 with this version

Level 4

I have the v41 downloaded and I don’t see any noticeable changes. Am I missing something? I got a couple of things that were supposed to be in v40 and I already had the room setup feature before I downloaded v41, so I am kind of scratching my head here…

Level 2

This release solved a significant latency issue I had with Airlink on Windows 11, great work thank you!

Level 7

Sorry, about PC app PTC v41. It seems that PC app PTC v41 has Oculus Link bitrate limitation. So the max image quality is clearly worse than v40.


This is through the lens comparison between v40 900Mbps & v41 900Mbps.


I reported it to Amanda (software engineer of Meta). She said it was unintentional and she is looking into it to see if she can fix. Thanks. 😉

Level 7

I just went back to v40. The PTC v41 for PC app is missing the friends and chat tab in socials when you are in VR.


Ok so after playing around with v41, I did notice some improvement with the latency issues and couple of othe but fixes. 😃 As for features, there is a new color space feature in experimental that lets you toggle between a "Natural" setting and a "Vibrant" setting. It also looks like they finally calibrated the "Room Setup - Experimental" feature to work in your Horizon Home! All of the items in my room that I mapped out, now register as active guardians in my Horizon Home, which makes it much easier to avoid bumping into things! This also makes it possible to add more than one couch and desk to your Horizon Home and have visual representations for all of them!


I love seeing advancements in our home space and it makes me even more excited for what's to come! Thank you Meta! 

Hi there! We're glad to hear that you were able to see noticeable improvements. Comments like these are what make our job so enjoyable. 

Please feel free to reach back out in the future if you are in need of any more assistance, as we would be more than delighted to help!

Happy gaming!

Level 4

I’m just curious, but does anyone in this forum besides me, use there Quest 2 for Productivity/Workspace and/or Entertainment (Movie Watching, YouTube, & Social Media, etc) use? I don’t game all that much but my Quest 2 has already replaced my computer in a lot of ways. Can anyone else relate?