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Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of 8/23/2021.

Oculus Move

  • We’ve updated the Daily Move goals to Weekly Goals to better fit into your schedule. When you open Oculus Move, we’ll prompt you to select a new weekly goal based on your calories and minutes combined.
  • Your Move Calendar view will now show your progress against your weekly goals.
  • We’ve adjusted the Light, Moderate, and High calorie and Move Minute targets.
  • When you’re done working out, you now have the option to share your workout stats directly from Oculus Move to your Facebook timeline, Groups, and Messenger.
  • If you haven’t used Oculus Move yet, you can find it in the (apps icon) section of your menu bar. You can also learn more about Oculus Move on the apps page of our support site.
    • Please note that all Oculus Move features are being rolled out progressively over time and may not initially be available for all users.


  • You won’t have to choose between viewing your Oculus friends or your Facebook friends as they’ll all show up in a single list under the People tab in Messenger.
    • However, your Facebook and Oculus friend will still be separate, which means that Oculus friends can’t see your Facebook profile or activity unless you separately add them as friends on Facebook.
    • Please note that this Messenger feature is being rolled out progressively over time and may not initially be available for all users.
  • We’ve added a new chat settings panel that allows you to view info about the chat thread and take additional actions in group threads. These actions include the ability to leave the chat, view the members in the chat, and rename the chat thread.

App Gifting

  • You can now send gifts to your friends and family directly from your headset, without leaving VR. Simply find the app you want to gift in the app store, select the (three dot icon) menu, then choose Buy for a friend.

Media Files Sync

Experimental Multitasking

  • We’ve added new UI animations to Multitasking to make certain actions appear smoother.
    • Please note this will only be available for users who turn on Multitasking in the Experimental Features section of Settings.


  • We’ve improved and simplified the process for editing and updating permissions preferences by adding on/off toggles directly to the permissions tablet.


  • We’ve improved the utility of many in-VR notifications by adding action buttons that allow you to take action directly from the notification itself.

You can always find our release notes up to date on our support page here as well.