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Quest build v40 release notes

Community Manager
Community Manager

These features and enhancements will start rolling out during the week of May 16th, 2022.

Tracked Keyboard Support

We’ve added support for additional tracked keyboards. We’ve also added the ability to manage your saved keyboards in the Settings menu.

3DS payment Support

We’re adding support for 3DS credit cards for the Meta Quest app store in VR. This additional security protocol adds a layer of protection in online payment transactions when you make a purchase.

  • App developers have to opt-in to enable 3DS credit cards for in-app purchases.

Unlock Pattern for Apps

We’ve added a new capability to our existing unlock pattern allowing you to lock individual apps on your Meta Quest headset. This allows you to use your device unlock pattern to control access to existing apps in your library.

End-to-end encryption for Messenger in VR

We’re transitioning all 1:1 communication (messaging and calling) on Messenger in VR to use end-to-end encryption. This provides an additional layer of security when using Messenger in VR.

  • Keep in mind, to use end-to-end encryption, both you and the person you’re chatting with will need to have the latest version of Messenger on your respective devices.

Audio Accessibility Settings

We’ve added additional audio features to help everyone hear every sound in VR. These include:

  • Ability to adjust the left-right audio balance.
  • Option to switch between stereo and mono system audio.

You can find these settings in the Accessibility section of your in-VR settings panel.

Controller Settings

With this release, we’re moving controller settings out of experimental status and into the settings panel to make it avaliable for everyone.

  • Controller Settings were added to your adjustable settings to give power users more options, improve accessibility, and address issues that may arise with wear and tear.
  • The setting that you can adjust include Thumbstick angle, and Thumbstick Range and Deadzone.

You can always find our release notes up to date on our support page here as well.

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Level 4

With this new version my headset discharges even faster than before. It doesn't even last a day without using it. I have a friend who has the same problem.

Level 2

Still waiting on update 😕  Anyway to side load v40 update manually to quest 2 headset?

Level 15

@Ryanality  The release notes link you supplied only goes to v38.  We need to refer to your posts in order to see these.  Also, I think you should pin this thread and unpin the v40 ptc thread since it is no longer relevant.


it also would be nice to see some release notes for the oculus desktop pc app.  Thanks mate and cheers.

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Level 7

V40 on my Quest2 looks sharper and more detailed for me best I've ever probably seen it,looks amazing.

controller nag screen is a pita,3 seconds after you 'let go/put it on the floor' and it nags

started around V36????

only it used to be relatively randomish when the nag screen came but now its a timeable 3 secs

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Level 3

I am concerned that gamepad input is broken in version 40 and it is very important to me that I have gamepad support for our upcoming demos at AWEXR. I have been using gamepad input with several apps and it is working great in version 39 with an Xbox controller on 3 different headsets. However, a friend in the UK with a Quest 2 that has been updated to version 40 finds that gamepad input is not working with the same apps. Would you please verify that gamepad input is still working in version 40? If so, I am puzzled as to why my friend is unable to use his gamepad with the same apps I do and it worries me for my upcoming demos at AWE. My only option to be safe is to keep my headset off the network so that it doesn't update in the next two weeks until AWE is over.

Level 4

So still no windows 11 compatibility? At this point it's clearly not a priority. Only reason I got the quest 2 and got rid of my CV1 was because I could use link to play all the games I have, I've been missing out on the last 6 months of pcvr releases because of this.


Also, what happened to Quest 2 app sort + from  v37.0? I still don't have that feature.

Level 2

Is there ever going to be an option to use an external mic or an option to at least adjust the input volume so that players can't hear every little background sound when playing multiplayer games? I and several others I know would love at least one of these features.

Level 15

I just got v40 earlier today with my Q2.  All seems fine so far with standalone (except that the Prime Video app still does not work) and PCVR with Air Link using oculus, steam, and viveport apps.  Overall, the clarity seems a little better.  Also, no more Oculus logo on power down.  Cheers.

i9 13900K water cooled, RTX4090, Z790 MB w/wifi6e, 32Gb 5200 ram, 2x2TB SSD, 1000W PSU, Win 11, QPro w/Air Link, Vive Pro

Level 4


MX Keys - all models? Also MX mini or only the one called just MX?