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Known Issue: Error saying "We're having problems loading this" when enabling developer mode

Level 2

Anyone else having this problem?


A bit a trouble with transforming my meta account... Anyway here is an update :

- ODH is now working (it was possibly working all along) but it is very long to start ! I counted twice and I got 2 min and 14 seconds the first time and 2 min 18 seconds

So the title should be "ODH is very slow to start".

It's still an issue, any ideas on how to fix ?

The problem is not fixed with ODH 2.7.1

Any follow up on this ?

Hello! I'm having the same problem as listed but I've tried that and it didn't work, any other advice?

Level 3

I've setup and verified my developer account.

I've setup an organization also in the developer account

I've setup my credit card in the account also

My device and apps/account are all connected and working fine but I cant turn on developer mode on either the iOS or android apps or the Meta Quest Developer Hub software.

Level 3

I've done everything I need to be able to developer mode: created my organization, registered a payment method to verify my account, downloaded the oculus app on my phone, paired to my oculus quest 2, and using the same wi-fi both on my quest and phone I've been trying to enable developer mode for the past 5 hours or so.

A red text pops up at the bottom of the screen telling me to try again and nothing changes. I must have tried like 200 times in the past hours, have tried restarting my phone, my quest, my internet, everything. The red text keeps popping up telling me to try again.

I've already created a ticket reporting the problem but apparently it has been noticed earlier today and it is not even showing up at the "Developer Status" as a known problem.

I literally bought this thing today and I'm already having problems. Please help.

Same gripe - They've acknowledged the problem in a number of other threads, but always referred to the status/downtime page. @MetaQuestSupport : This is still not listed as a known issue on that page. Please update the status page as you make progress on this - it will help ensure we all know where to go for information, and build trust that you are actually working on fixing this.

Exactly! They're linking the developer status and it doesn't even acknowledge the problem; the freaking thing is not even listed in there.

What frustrates me the most is that instead of posting a reasonable reply they're just copying and pasting the same generic answer over and over. It makes me wonder if they're REALLY looking in to it or just pretending to.

Latest so far is:

  • Meta know the issue but aren't telling us why it's broken. Have known about it for weeks.
  • Credit card needed in order to setup Developer account.
  • Reddit / Forums / Oculus support page tickets created for weeks now. No response or update

Suggest you send an email to and informing this has been broken for weeks and looks to be disabled. Possible paywall incoming.

Retweet this to get there attention, and create a support ticket here

Level 3

this worked for me:
Hold the power and volume (-) button on your headset down simultaneously until the boot screen loads on your headset. Use the volume buttons on your headset to highlight Factory Reset and press the power button. Use the volume buttons on your headset to highlight Yes and press the power button.

Level 3

I'm busy with my design school finals, was kinda relying on this to work....but it doesn't.

This basically means i'm gonna fail only because meta broke their spaghetti code

thanks mark...