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Window into the virtual world

Hey!I see that there are building blocks available to support a passthrough window in your virtual world. I wonder if anyone was able to make the opposite, a window to see the virtual world in passthrough. Thanks!

hox20s by Honored Guest
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Issue with VRC.Quest.Input.8

I am currently attempting to submit my app to the Meta Store AppLab.I need some advice on the following issue: In VRC.Quest.Input1, it is suggested that in-app menus should be activated with the menu button. I have implemented my menu in the way that...

Enabling Facial Expressions on Networked Avatars

Hi all!I'm looking to enable face tracking for a multiplayer game I'm currently developing where each avatar is network instantiated. The current documentation explains how to set it up for local avatars. Is there any documentation available for netw...

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