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360 Video on space no longer there and I need to find it - help!

Level 2

Hello, on January 11, 2022 there was a 360 video on my Explore page.  It was a gorgeous space exploration but there were no people or vehicles, it felt like a magical experience that had me floating through space for several minutes.  Over rings of ice, near the sun, over planets of red,  aurora borealis - traveling with no sense of direction... It may even have been called space walk but it is not the space walk you can easily find - then again it may not have been called that.  Space was definitely in the title and the 360 video logo.  It then went to a zipline adventure that does show a woman here and there riding the zip line, then a roller coaster in space (I can find that one on youtube: VR 360 Space Sci Fi Roller Coaster full movie video Oculus Quest HTC Vive Google Cardboard).  I am mainly interested in the first video and am desperate to find it.   I am new to the Oculus and did not know I would have to save it or download it or whatever it was so I could access it again.  Please, does anyone have it or know how I can find it?  


Level 6

I have found one which could be what you mentioned, called "A Flight Through Space" with a duration of 3:44