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3rd Party miniDP adapter?

Honored Guest

Hello guys 🙂


I bought a second-hand Rift S and there was no miniDP adapter. 

3rd Party stuff that i bought is not working. 


i have normal HDMI and miniDP, does any of you know an adapter which is working on that Rift S? 


I'm pretty desperate 😕


Kind Regards,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, mathias1312_at. We know you're excited to try out your Rift S, we would be too; however, when it comes to third party adapters we cannot guarantee functionality or performance. Currently, the only mDP → DP adapter certified to work is the one provided with your Rift S.


We recommend reaching out to the person you bought your device from to see if they still have the adapter that comes with the device.


To learn more about third party adapters with the Rift S, please check this public support article. We hope this helps clear things up. 👍

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Honored Guest

Hi, i have the same problem, bought my Rift S 2nd hand, without DP adapter, a few months ago. I can't reach out to the person, what now? Where can i buy one that will work?